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Little Rissington Poor Rates, 1857 & 1865-7

In mid-January the the National Achives' sales monitoring team let GA know that three Poor Rate books were coming up for auction at the end of the month.  They were for the parish of Little Rissington and covered November 1857 - November 1858 (the rate being sixpence in the Pound) and November 1865 to August 1867 (four pence half-penny to ten pence half-penny in the Pound).

As luck would have it there was a FoGA Committee Meeting before the auction and we quickly agreed to bid, (but not against the Rissingtons Local History Society).  GA found out for us that Rissington LHS were happy not to bid themselves (but did want to make a contribution), so we registered for the auction.  It was the first time our rep. had done anything like this and he was surprised at the speed of the bidding.  In fact, things happened so fast he wasn't sure our bid had been successful.  In the event it was, and the books were secured for the Archive.

But it wasn't just FoGA - Rissington came up trumps, in the form of generous support from the Local History Society and personally from Michael Boyes:  FoGA and the Gloucestershire Archive would like to thank both for their contribution.

You can see the books at G/STO/159/1, 2 and 3. Just as an example, here are the first two pages of one of the books (please click on the thumbnail for a larger image):

Little Rissington Poor Rate Book November 1857 Page 1

Little Rissington Poor Rate Book November 1857 Page 2

Last edited: 9th January 2013