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For The Record

The Friends of Gloucestershire Archives are leading the fundraising effort to help Gloucestershire Archives apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a major project grant. The project is called "For The Record" and will greatly enhance the Archives' capacities in gathering, keeping and sharing the documented and digital heritage of Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.


The project will enable the Archives to do much more to locate and collect archives and published sources that are of historical significance and record everyday life in the two counties. It will also help preserve the rich variety of resources held outside Alvin Street by developing and expanding existing partnerships with local communities.

It will enable the Archives to help local communities preserve the vital digital heritage that is produced and held locally - and help make that heritage more accessible into the future by sharing knowledge and expertise.


Three new strongrooms will be built, providing a significant increase in high quality environmentally-efficient storage. More (and more efficient) space will enable teams of staff and volunteers to re-package and catalogue both new and existing collections.

The project will also extend the Archives' ability to help preserve locally-generated digital material by increasing its capacity to collaborate with local communities and share knowledge and experience.


The project aims to provide much more modern facilities within the Alvin Street site. Public access to archive materials will be quicker and more efficient, the new strongrooms will be closer and provide shorter turnaround times.

Collaboration between Archive staff, volunteers and Gloucestershire Family History Society members will provide quicker access to help for public and researchers, and will be made easier through more flexible working spaces. There will also be more flexible meeting spaces where mixed teams of staff, volunteers and others can work together.

Further Information

Please have a look at the Archives' article on this project for more details on the Heritage Hub, new strongrooms and digital preservation.

How can I Help?

There are lots of different ways in which you could help. Fundraising events and activities are already being organised. The Archives' own Heather Forbes and David Smith both completed a full marathon as part of the Cheltenham Circular Challenge on 22nd June.

We would be very interested to hear from you if you have ideas for organising a sponsored activity yourself, to raise funds for this really exciting project. With your own event (it doesn't have to be very complicated) you could also become a contributing member of The FoGA Fundraisers

And you could also, of course, make a donation to FoGA - either on-line or by leaving your donation at the front desk of Gloucestershire Archives.

Please Help!

Last edited: 16th November 2014