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FTR - Outline of the Project

Capital works:

- Extend and reconfigure our public spaces in to create a ‘Heritage Hub’ - both a physical and organisational concept. In practical terms, this will make more efficient use of existing space as well as providing a new entrance and an extra 200 m2 of space for new facilities. It will include a new training room for 70 people, a community advice hub/meeting room and extended project workspace, all with appropriate fit out including free WIFI. These physical works will give us welcoming spaces that meet the needs of public, volunteers, groups and staff. We look forward to working more closely with both the Gloucestershire Family History Society and the Constabulary volunteers in the new facilities.

- Create three new sustainable strongrooms to house future collections for the next 25 years. Providing 606 m3 extra space, the strongrooms will be built on the same environmentally sustainable principles as our existing Moons strongrooms which are a model of good practice, meeting PD5454 without air conditioning.

- We will reconfigure one of our existing strongrooms to provide additional specialist cold storage for photographic collections.


During development phase:

- Gloucestershire Constabulary Community Heritage project: Working with the Constabulary volunteers to create a catalogue of their collections and to make them accessible to the public. We will also support them to preserve and promote their collection through an interactive website, display material and a range of archive based activities.

- We will also work in conjunction with two local history societies (alongside the Constabulary volunteers) to develop resources and training which will then be rolled out to a much wider audience once we have the appropriate facilities to do so.

- Commission archaeological investigations where new buildings are proposed.

- Further develop architectural plans in consultation with partners and users.

- Undertake fund-raising programme to address remaining funding gap.

During the delivery phase (provided our stage 2 HLF application succeeds):

- Volunteer and Community Programme: In the ‘Heritage Hub’, led by a Community Heritage Development Officer, we will provide training and engagement opportunities for over 200 volunteers. This will include:

- E-Preservation in Action: Create an innovative E-preservation programme to preserve and make accessible digital material. We will work with community volunteers and two ‘Skills for Future’ funded trainees to devise the standards, methodology and training that community groups need to process their digital material effectively and to enable its future preservation and use.

- Constabulary Heritage Project: Further develop this project (outlined above)

- Dowty Community Heritage Project: We will add to the existing Dowty archive by collecting oral, written and photographic evidence and create an online catalogue of the collection. We will develop learning opportunities that bring the company’s heritage back to life for former employees and the wider community: an interactive website; and a programme of events. We will also give volunteers the chance to develop skills in: oral history recording; creating and managing a website, preserving and cataloguing traditional and digital archives; developing learning resources; and creating community events.

- Working with older people: We will place an emphasis on older people as our target audience for using the public research room and participation in on-site and remote activities. We will work with partners, such as Gloucestershire NHS Trust, GCC’s Commissioning Managers for older people, contracted service providers e.g. ArtsSpace and the Barnwood Trust, to develop services that meet these needs and are dementia friendly. We will produce reminiscence packages that can be used with older people suffering from dementia in different environments.

- Working with children and young people: We will also retain a focus on this target audience by:

- Unified catalogue: We will work with communities and individuals in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire to create an online single catalogue (CALM) to list their archive collections alongside ours, giving details of locations.

Last edited: 16th November 2014