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FoGA Map Sale

In this section of the Members' Area we have set out details of FoGA's sale of historic Ordnance Survey Maps. An explanation is in the section "Explanation" - and graphical indexes of the maps available in the three different scales are in the sections "6 in Maps", "25 in Maps" and "126 in Maps".

We have already approached museums and libraries to guage their interests - and now we are opening up the sale to FoGA members, both individual / family and group.

If you are interested in buying any of these maps, we ask you to let us know in advance which ones you might be interested in so that we can get them ready for you to look at. They are large and unwieldy, and take time to retrieve from the strongrooms for examination, so we must ask for your patience while we attempt to organise sensible groupings. We have indicated minimum prices in the "Read This First" Section - but please bear in mind that this sale is expressly to raise funds for the "For The Record" project, so we won't mind at all if you are inclined to pay more.

Partly to save the costs of colour printing and postage, we hope to manage as much as possible of this process on-line. So if any of you know of FoGA members who might be interested in maps such as these, but who are not as well versed in manipulating IT as yourself, may we ask if you could give them a hand?

As the summer holiday season is upon us, and to give members enough time to ponder your choices, we would like to know which maps you might be interested in by mid-July 2014. It would be ideal if you could let us know by emailing, but post to FoGA Maps, 27 Arden Rd, Cheltenham, GL53 0HG, or c/o Gloucestershire Archives, will also work.

We will deal with emails in strict chronological order and letters will be treated in order of the postmark date.

Last edited: 15th May 2014