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For The Record: Vision

Archives bid to Heritage Lottery Fund

Gloucestershire Archives wants to see the documented heritage of Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire being as accessible as possible. So it is applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a significant project grant to help make this happen.

The project, currently titled “For the Record”, is about a collaborative approach to gathering, keeping and sharing the documented heritage of local communities. It builds on joint-working arrangements that are already helping to do this and paves the way for better access that will continue into the future. As currently envisaged, it will have 3 elements: a Heritage Hub; digital preservation work; and new strongrooms.

Vision for the Project

The current vision, which the Archives has developed with its principal partners, is:

“Gloucestershire Archives is the heritage heart of a very special region of the UK. The archive treasures it contains are vital pieces of the Gloucestershire jigsaw of local memories, experiences and achievements. By expertly safeguarding and adding to these precious resources, and helping local people and organisations to do the same with their own documents, we will secure rich collections for future generations, and preserve the ongoing story of how we live. Supporting groundbreaking partnerships and lasting volunteering opportunities, we will work with individuals and communities across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire to inspire and sustain them. We will create a unique meeting place open to all where people will be supported to document, care for, interpret and celebrate their personal and shared history.”

Main Elements of the Project

A Heritage Hub. This is both a physical and organisational concept. Firstly, the Archives plans to transform its public research room and adjacent spaces into a community heritage hub offering much better facilities for volunteers, community groups and organisations to work together and help the public. The hub will also be a place where organisations of all kinds can learn how to look after, develop and interpret their archives through training, skills development, volunteering and access to expert friendly advice. Secondly, it plans to put collaborative working and fundraising at the core of its business. It will be developing, testing and evaluating innovative ways of working/raising income that will lead to a sustainable business model for access to archives in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

Digital preservation work. The Archives wants to make sure that it can preserve and access digital material for current and future generations to enjoy. And it wants to help local people and organisations to do the same.

New strongrooms. The Archives plans to build three additional strongrooms on its Alvin Street site, owned by Gloucestershire County Council. This will provide space for new collections and ensure the sustainability of its preservation service.

Last edited: 16th November 2014