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A Tetbury Area Farmer's Diary, 1847 - 1856

In May 2012 an apportunity arose to buy another item for the Archive - the farming diary or notebook of a substantial farmer in the Westonbirt or Tetbury area. From the contents, he appeared well educated and was clearly interested in the latest agricultural technques of the day - writing about crops sewn, haymaking, beer brewing, horses foaling, sheep dipping, castrating lambs, thatching corn ricks, burning thorns, ploughing with oxen, and commenting on the success or otherwise of particular actions or techniques. The Archives were very interested, as were the History of Tetbury Society who generously offered to share the purchase price with FoGA - we are very grateful for the History of Tetbury Society's contribution. You can see the diary at D12775/1; here is a sample page (click for a larger image):

Tetbury Farmer's Diary

Last edited: 9th January 2013