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Just as Gloucestershire Archives focuses on gathering, keeping and sharing the documented and digital history of Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, so the Friends of Gloucestershire Archives focus on protecting and promoting this rich heritage, supporting Gloucestershire Archives & sharing in events and activities with an archives & heritage theme.

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We help protect archives by buying records that come up for sale, where they may be at risk or if they would enhance Gloucestershire Archives' collections - if we can afford to do so ourselves or with the help of other local groups (for example the plans of the 1st and 2nd Gloucester Lunatic Asylums. We also raise funds towards the purchase of larger or more important collections. We buy equipment that can help preserve things (such as a leafcasting machine for repairing damaged papers) or that can enhance people's experience of visiting the archives (such as microfiche readers).

We fund small projects on our own - but one of our most important roles is to generate the match-funding to enable Gloucestershire Archives to apply for grants from national funding bodies such as for the Gloucester Rugby Heritage Project. We are particularly pleased by the way this has gone from strength to strength since 2008, when we helped secure a treasure trove of Gloucester Rugby memorabilia dating back to the 19th century. And we're delighted, too, that the Heritage Lottery Fund has choosen this as one of their featured projects.

Please support the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub by donating here.

Recently our main focus has been on fundraising for "For the Record", Gloucestershire Archives' major project to extend the gathering, keeping and sharing of the documented and digital heritage of local communities in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire - and ensuring, in collaboration with partners, that this rich heritage continues to be accessible into the future. For the latest news on the Project please see the Heritage Hub newsletter.

We also promote and participate in the heritage of the historic county of Gloucestershire by organising outings, for example our recent visit to the Museum in the Park, Stroud, meetings and discussions, holding seminars & other events - and enjoying ourselves at an annual social evening. Many members also enjoy the opportunities and training that the archives provide for their volunteers. If you are already a member (Thank You!), we hope you find interest and enjoyment in your membership.

If you are not a member, please consider supporting and promoting the work of Gloucestershire Archives by Joining Us.

Last edited:17/03/2020